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2-Step Plan

Mentor-ship Group


  • We engage mentees in redefining issues with self-identity, and development of skills for self and social empowerment.
  • We give and equip mentees with tools for confronting societal stigmas and shame.
  • We introduce education as a key component to economic empowerment.
  • We patiently take survivors through the process of complete restoration into communal life.



  • We train community members as volunteer mentors and pair them with survivors.
  • We engage mentors who commit to working with our girls for at least one year.  This gives our girls enough time to build trusts in their mentors thus receive the desired empowerment for restoration.
  • We give our mentors on-going training which further ease their work as mentors with our girls.
  • We meet with  mentors regularly to assess and discuss their relationships with the mentees and the effectiveness of the program.

About Our Programs

Project and Programs


  • Education: for awareness, prevention, and protection
  • Mentorship: for social and economic empowerment
  • Partnership & collaboration: for improved and efficient use of resources, and long term impacts/outcomes


This is a platform connects MENTORS and 
MENTEES.  A safe space where Survivors' voice are heard, and they are given tools that build their resilience for transition to sustainable RESTORATION


  • We only serve girls 18 and older
  • Runaway and homeless girls who have been trafficked.
  • Girls and women 18 years and older who have been pimped or exploited.
  • Those who have experienced human trafficking, in addition to intimate partner abuse.
  • Victims of abuse with an undertone of domestic violence and sex trafficking. 


This is a One-Stop-Shop which provides Life Skills Education, Mental Health, and Social Needs to empower and equip survivors with the skills and tools they may needed to build resilience for rehabilitation. We give survivors a voice to tell us what they need, and we align our services to their needs. Currently we have ongoing classes in Microsoft Certification and Financial Management. These classes are free and open to survivors, refugees and immigrants. Our goal is to provide tools for economic empowerment.  To learn more, give us a call  at: 702.907.1774.



We strongly advocate for social  and legislature change that  protect at-risk/vulnerable girls and survivors; and prevent trafficking and its associated trauma.  We educate community and other institutions to increase awareness through:

1.Workshops, and training in public schools and social services agencies
2.Community outreaches among religious and social groups,  institutions, and businesses.
3. We promote policy changes that foster social change.


 Our mentoring program brings mentors and mentees together for sustainable restoration.  We believe in the restoration of hope and dignity; facilitation of communication between mentors and mentees that empower, build confidence and coping skills for social stigma and shame. These attributes foster hope for a restored life, and are vital in re-directing survivors' perspectives, and increasing self-empowerment.