Project and Programs

Restoration Resource Center

This is a One-Stop-Shop which provides Life Skills Education, Mental Health, and Social Needs to empower and equip survivors with the skills and tools they may need to build resilience for rehabilitation. We give survivors a voice to tell us what they need, and we align our services to their needs. Currently we have ongoing classes under our Skills Development Program. These classes are free and open to survivors, refugees and immigrants. Our goal is to provide tools for economic empowerment. To learn more contact us at: 702-466-3979 or

Community Awareness Education

We keep stakeholders informed through the following:

  1. Sustainable Restoration Conference (SRC): all stakeholders to understand and partner in the fight to end trafficking
  2. Workshops: educate corporate bodies, religious, and educational institutions
  3. Presentation & Training: provide tools for identifying trafficking in high schools, service providers, etc.
  4. Community Awareness event: educate and provide tools for prevention, protection and partnership among community members, businesses, and social groups.

SAFE Program (Survivor Awareness & First Encounter)

This event is held 4 times a year in a safe and confidential space with the goal of leveraging support and services for fighting human trafficking through education and case management. 

*Due to Covid-19 this program is converted to a webinar


Skills development Program.

We provide skills and tools for economic and social empowerment with the goal of sustainable restoration. We offer the following classes twice every year:

  1. Introduction to Computers/Microsoft Office: to better career prospects and improve resumes
  2. Financial Literacy: to teach program participants how to manage finances, save & invest in their future
  3. Business Coaching: is aimed at providing skills for those who want to properly manage their small business or a small business
  4. Data Entry: Teach participants the art of data entry and help build speed for entry level jobs. There is a paid internship after the course. *Instructor’s vetting and other qualifications may apply.
  5. Python Essentials: Introduction to basic knowledge of python coding, with an unpaid internship at the end of the class. RPI may pay for students to take certification exams. *Instructor’s vetting and other qualifications apply.
  6. Web Design: Introduction to Modern Web Design using the latest web standards.

Workforce development

We assist survivors with job search, internship placements, fill out applications and assist them with navigating complex systems.

Job readiness: we provide trainings on how to write an attractive resume, preparing for job interviews, and back to work trainings.

Internship and apprenticeship placements available.

Mentoring/Support Group

This is a platform that connects MENTORS and MENTEES. It is a safe space where Survivors’ voices are heard, and they are given tools that build their resilience for transition to sustainable RESTORATION. We also provide skills for socio-economic empowerment.

This two-step plan includes;

Mentor-ship Group

We engage mentees in redefining issues with self-identity, and development of skills for self and social empowerment.

We give and equip mentees with tools for confronting societal stigmas and shame.
We introduce education as a key component to economic empowerment.
We patiently take survivors through the process of complete restoration into communal life.


We train community members as volunteer mentors and pair them with survivors.

We engage mentors who commit to working with our girls for at least one year. This gives our girls enough time to build trusts in their mentors thus receive the desired empowerment for restoration.
We give our mentors on-going training which further ease their work as mentors with our girls.
We meet with mentors regularly to assess and discuss their relationships with the mentees and the effectiveness of the program.

Our Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking


  • Awareness Education: Conferences, Workshops, Presentations, & Training
  • Skills/Workforce/Support: Change Perception, Misconception, Build Resilience for full Restoration


  • Identify Victims/Survivors
  • Protect the Vulnerable
  • Provide easy Access to Services
  • Keep ALL informed


  • Strategic Partnership
  • Bring Diverse Experience
  • Leverage Services
  • Together Accomplish same Goals
 and doeThe Population We Serve
  • We serve girls 18 and older who have been trafficked
  • Runaway and homeless girls who have been trafficked.
  • Girls and women 18 years and older who have been pimped or exploited.
  • Those who have experienced human trafficking, in addition to intimate partner abuse.
  • Victims of abuse with an intersection of domestic violence and sex trafficking.
  • Homeless victims and asylees/refugees who have experienced trafficking and domestic abuse.